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  1. Gibson was my first, now they face bankruptcy

    No, they make inconsistent products at inflated prices and they've been riding on their name for too long now. At one point they were the best but not any more.
  2. I only had to use 12KWh to get enough tokens to buy Missile Command!
  3. See Ya! Goodbye Google's View Image button

    Let's talk about google being limp wristed faggots.
  4. See Ya! Goodbye Google's View Image button

    Bing image search is actually better anyway.
  5. PSP 1000 to PSP 3000: worth the upgrade?

    If your planning on soft modding I would get a PSP GO if you can find one for a good price. Otherwise a 3000 would also be good. If your not planning on soft modding I would just forget the whole thing all together.
  6. I'm still un-decided on whether stricter gun controls would have any effect. I do know that the arguments I've heard against it seem a lot more rational and logic based and the arguments for have a lot of appeal to emotion, think of the children nonsense. That's my experience anyway. I think unless the restrictions were china levels of strict, that is, taking everyone's guns and just fucking destroying them like what China has done with motorcycles in some cities, it wouldn't work and that's obviously not going to happen. You can still kill a lot of people with just a couple of hand guns. I really don't see it making much of a difference. Even if the gun laws in Australia have worked it doesn't mean they will in America with it's different culture. Aren't Canadians similarly into guns with only slightly more restrictions to what most states in America have? They don't seem to have the same occurrence of school shootings like America does.
  7. Anyone play Revenant Saga?

    Then it's a hold over from the 8-bit era, so that defence doesn't make much sense. It would be fine if the art was done in that style but it doesn't really work with the phone tier art in use, I think. Also, I can only find it on PS3 as the earliest console or is it a remake of an older game?
  8. Anyone play Revenant Saga?

    >NPCs running on the spot. No, I do not like this.
  9. Can't reply - only get attachment option, no text box

    works but Joe can't post. I'm not sure it's worth the trade off.
  10. Rehab 2: The Electric Boogaloo

  11. The all things SJW thread

    One of my favourite youtubers is back from the dead: