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  1. Gibson was my first, now they face bankruptcy

    Time to start a Coan Rogos band
  2. Probably would've worked for Vic too
  3. Just ban all posts featuring Adidas tracksuits and all Russians will flee the site regardless.
  4. Zero to 60 in 2 seconds... Japan Gotta Go Fast

    The street racing legend continues :Initiald
  5. He looks like a boring simplified character, which makes sense given the intended audience.
  6. Fucking cryptocurrency

    Now that Switch has been cracked it's only a matter of time before there's "1-2 Monero Miner U 64 of the Wild" homebrew for it.
  7. Steve Jobs Last Laugh: Appletards walking into walls

    We already have that.
  8. PSP 1000 to PSP 3000: worth the upgrade?

    Round here we call it Swetch
  9. See Ya! Goodbye Google's View Image button

    If you're using Google to search you're low IQ.
  10. Steve Jobs Last Laugh: Appletards walking into walls

    They should wear their Steve Jobs gear