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  1. Can't reply - only get attachment option, no text box

    Thanks for jumping through hoops for me so I can barely contribute anything.
  2. Aww yiiiiiiiiis a good game for the 3ds

    His wife has good strong genetics.
  3. Rehab 2: The Electric Boogaloo

    Do this shit again and I don't read unless there'sa video of Status doing the Rehab song by Amy Winehouse. With a propeller beanie cap thing
  4. Can't reply - only get attachment option, no text box

    Well there you go. One step closer to being cool.
  5. Monster Hunter absolutely killing it

  6. They need to make up their mind on whether women are amazing torch-bearers of the human race capable of any and everything or helpless children that cry at spilled milk and need daddy's help*. Not playing it both ways might gain some feminism fans here and there. *If you got turned on by that line, you're fucked up.
  7. Corn-Rages Official post a pic of yourself thread

    Part actor. Bridesmaids and some other stuff IIRC. Edit: Chris o'Dowd
  8. CR is Cleaning House

    At least grant them free travel and $3500
  9. Giga and Bella Hadid

    I don't know. You might wanna ask whether or not you could do it again.
  10. Ok since people still want to misbehave

    Some people don't have the DNA for this shit.
  11. Monster Hunter World Fam

    Far and away my favorite game on the Wii U and that spoiled me away from being able to play the next game ont he 3DS' shit resolution. Switch didn't get it, but I'm glad PS4 did. Nice to have the series on a modern piece of hardware too. I just got into it a bit. Time is limited but I'm getting back into the flow. I almost revisted MH3U on the Wii U but fuck it. The game is all about clunky ass weapons and learning each and every monster habit so you can actually fight with them. Fucking weapons are as big as your character, and not evey weapon type and attack is slow. If you've got no sense of time and spacial relation, cause and effect (IQ), or patience, OFC it's going to be a mess. Worst thing Capcom ever did was release that Wii U demo. I was sworn not to try the game until the feedback got to be too much. Glad I stuck it out.
  12. Today in Cloning News: Planet of the Apes

    The best was the FB feed telling China cloned monkeys - humans could be next. LOL. Could be. End racism.
  13. Nintendo Labo :O

    Could be a borefest after the initial novelty or have many future and hopefully not-so-DLC possibilities. Fun concept though.