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  1. If you didn't like the movie Black Panther, you're a racist PoS

    So that's where you get your inventiveness from. AHAHAHAHAHAhahaha .... anyone? anyone? I'll just let myself out.
  2. If you didn't like the movie Black Panther, you're a racist PoS

    My thoughts exactly. I've heard so much hype and then caught this headline on my normiebook feed today: "Black Panther" Is An Unprecedented Box Office Sensation With an estimated $361 million worldwide debut, the Marvel Studios movie has demolished box office records and hopefully demonstrated once and for all that black stories can become global blockbusters. Followed by some articles on "Why Black Panther is more than just a movie." Don't get me wrong, I'd like for it to be good but I don't want to go see it and then walk out full of self loathing for just having giving my hard earned cash to rich Hollywood execs instead of giving it to the poor downtrodden African Americans as reparations. And also a little mad that it wasn't really all that good...
  3. Has anyone seen it? Is it actually that good or are critics and ALL white people just terrified to say it wasn't the greatest film in cinematic history? Fun Fact: Black Panther was co-created by Stan Lee in the 60's. The redundant name was created to alert everyone to the fact that Black Panther is, in fact, of African decent and predated the hate group. Once the hate group rose to prominence in the 70's, Black Panther was briefly renamed Black Leopard but the new name didn't stick. The concept name originally given to the character was Coal Tiger.
  4. Fucking cryptocurrency

    Finally! Crypto mining powered by motion control.
  5. Hate speech is perfectly acceptable in the US. Just as long as it's directed at straight white males.
  6. Fucking cryptocurrency

    Who needs a gaming PC anyway when you can have a Nintendo Switch.
  7. Oh cmon, we all know the 1st amendment could use a little dialing back too.
  8. I think it's possible to have guns without being idiots (like in countries where military service is compulsory and everyone keeps the gun they trained with but there are no mass shootings). Sadly all of the evidence points to American'ts not being able to handle the privilege. Also my best friend is a total gun nut with enough weapons to arm a modest militia. He's also a mailman
  9. any of yall American Inventors do tinychat?

    Ah TinyChat, the death-knell of forum posting.
  10. Steve Jobs Last Laugh: Appletards walking into walls

    Psh, Microsoft programmers run ON Windowstm not INTO them. Apple nerds = served
  11. Bushnells?!? Might as well just call them RAPE DOLLARS! </GDC>
  12. See Ya! Goodbye Google's View Image button

  13. Counterpoint: this will literally never happen in T HE U N I T E D S T A T E S O F A M E R I C A or at least not in our lifetimes.
  14. See Ya! Goodbye Google's View Image button

    I'm safe as long as they leave this functionality in Bing For any converts, Google copied the layout of their image search results directly from Bing so the format will already be familiar. 2nd place goes to duckduckgo, obviously.
  15. If Atari Tokens can be used to purchase video games, I'm all in.