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  1. Gamer Health

    Gaming has had a positive impact on my health. Dance Dance Revolution is one of my most played series of all time
  2. Sometimes you just can't beat the convenience of fast food so I still go to one of these places around 2 times a month. Wendy's (4for4 with Bacon Cheeseburger and Sriracha sauce for nuggets and tea) Domino's(when they have their Large $6 2 topping pizza which is currently happening now, one large pizza = 4 meals for me) Local Chinese Restaurant($6 carry out is good for two meals for me ) I used to like Taco Bell also but the things I liked the most were only there for a limited time...
  3. Xbox > PC, here's why.

    I'm on the cusp of giving up PC gaming. I've thought about it long and hard and have come to this conclusion. With Xbox you only need Xbox Live. No need to deal with 6 different clients/logins if you want to play Battlefield 1, Forza, Destiny 2, PUBG, Assassin's Creed Origins and Fortnight. PlayStation is similar in that it can also do most of these things, but there is no console gaming power greater than X
  4. Are PC Games Getting More Expensive?

    Use/buy an Xbox One and you can play over 100 games for only $10/month via Xbox Game Pass. That is my solution to any increase in game prices
  5. Get on my level nerds

    Should have bought the Superior Xbox version of DBZ.
  6. PS+ for feb is a joke

    Good thing I didn't waste $5 on Knack the last time it was on sale
  7. Really looking forward to this one Two of my favorite players going at it
  8. MS is launching all their new games on Game Pass. Previously Game Pass wasn't a good deal for me since I already had most of the games but with this it makes it a lot more compelling. My 5 TB Xbox One X storage will be filled soon...
  9. Do you still use physical media?

    Digital only for current gen and PC.
  10. Microsoft VR Coming this Fall.

    VR will be great I think, to me MS VR is VR finally done right, it's high resolution, has a great controller and has mainstream pricing.
  11. Fucking NVidia at it again

    Good to see nVidia further innovating GPU tech. Will be great if their next x70 is on par with 1080 Ti as has been the case in the past. Seems AMD is pretty much doomed on the high end at this point...
  12. Microsoft VR Coming this Fall.

    Starting at $399 with Controllers Included. Seems like a great deal compared to HTC Vive.
  13. You'll see some of those at E3, the reveal in 14.2 hours will be mostly about the specs. As a PC gamer though I'm mostly interested in it for playing my Xbox 360 games at even higher quality than Xbox One(which already played Xbox 360 games better than Xbox 360).
  14. The reveal is coming at 9 AM EST. 50% more powerful than PS4 Con is pretty much a given.