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  1. Gibson was my first, now they face bankruptcy

    My Electric Bass, 2 Electric Guitars and my Acoustic Gibson's all worked great and survived tons of drunken abuse. I even smashed my bass once and after taping it back together it still worked. I am a terrible musician who just played with these things for fun, my brother inherited all my stuff and he is actually really talented, to bad he never did shit with it.
  2. Let the news report on that not some unsanctioned advertising company. This is why we have had such a devastating loss of both facts and ethical morality
  3. It's funny how we started this problem and now it is a cost effective way to disrupt the nation if. A prime example for taking a "good thing" too far.
  4. The ATL does not play: UberEats Driver Commits Murder

    I've never had an issue with any of these services except the one time where the woman driving me was clearly affiliated with a pimp as she tried to provide me with a contact number for her "husbands" escort service. She was still friendly, didn't push beyond offering me a card and telling me what it supposedly was and thanked me for listening to her very short pitch. Every other driver was just some normal dude trying to make money.
  5. I agree, pull all political ads and groups off the social network.
  6. Joke or not this is 100% a better plan.
  7. Whenever someone brings up "before trump was identified as a candidate" I have to stop and interject that out the way, let me finish reading. Ok two more things that statement ignores: 1) Ad spending was to promote propaganda groups where the real dissemination of negative information was done. 2) They founded groups for both Republican and Democrats to spread misinformation on hot button issues to escalate ideological differences with each other.
  8. A Fucking Electric car
  9. Every time they change from most recent to top trending I die a little bit inside.
  10. Here it is folks: For a company with some of the brightest minds behind it I never would have pictured this being the grand solution. Not Geo-location metadata from ISPs, not some sort of intrusive install this program to buy adds so we cans can your pc and figure out where you actually are. No instead let's rely on snail mail. As if it isn't the easiest thing in the world to walk into a post office and buy a PO Box. Jesus fuck are they even interested in trying to help.
  11. This was my first Bass Guitar They always made quality products and it would be very disheartening to see these instruments go. Instruments like the Gibson Les Paul or the Gibson SG or the Gibson Hummingbird
  12. Never. Fuck. With. Those. Who. Handle. Your. Food.
  13. Netanyahu Taking Bribes :SipsTea