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    Well, I'm back from 41 days of hardcore inpatient rehabilitation. 48 days clean, maynes.
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    Do this shit again and I don't read unless there'sa video of Status doing the Rehab song by Amy Winehouse. With a propeller beanie cap thing
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    Finally! Crypto mining powered by motion control.
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    Restrictions alone won't be enough. We need to fund mental health programs, and we need to teach kids coping mechanisms from a young age, so they are less likely to lash out. These school shootings increased in frequency since not long after public schools banned paddling students as a disciplinary measure. I don't think the physical paddling is necessary, but we do need more comprehensive and effective disciplinary methods, and we need to teach coping mechanisms. Life's not a bed of roses....but lashing out at every obstacle is not going to allow an angsty teen to get his way. Other countries have gun ownership rights.....but most of them have a better mental health program and better educational programs than the US.
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    I'll never be able to watch this show the same way again
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    Just ban all posts featuring Adidas tracksuits and all Russians will flee the site regardless.
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    So that's where you get your inventiveness from. AHAHAHAHAHAhahaha .... anyone? anyone? I'll just let myself out.
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    Seeing it Tuesday, will report back. Will do my best to not let my 5% African DNA overcome me. No promises though, I may run home and buy whole new decorum for the man cave.
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    But the victim list is predominantly white with, it looks like, one asian and one hispanic. Nonigs. Related: I wish they start spending some of our school tax levies on security measures instead of more ipads for kindergartners. If every door could be sealed in an emergency and every teach had a tazer these shootings would be a lot less effective. Also maybe hire some hell's angels to keep an eye on the weird quiet kid.
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    Who needs a gaming PC anyway when you can have a Nintendo Switch.
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    Naming the Atari currency Bushnell would have been cool, if unrealistic. I'll buy all your copies of E.T on Atari 2600 for 7 bushnells and not for a dabney more.
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    Australia banned semi and automatic weapons from the general public, brought in better licensing (you actually have to have a reason for owning a gun, rather than just "durrrrr i liek gunz" ) and psych evals as part of licensing. Go figure, we haven't had a mass shooting since. 22 years and counting.
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    Came into this thread thinking it would be this game. Left mad disappointed that it wasn’t.
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    Yet my local Wendy's takes 30 minutes to serve up a basic #2 from the menu. I think the delineation should be: does the establishment have a position titled "Head Chef"? If the answer is No then it's fast food. You shouldn't slander Russ's wings like that just because he stunts on American Inventors all the time with his mad fried chicken culinary skills.
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    Russ is making fast food with those wangs.
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    One of the Mardi Gras floats in Kaplan LA's parade ended up being a poorly disguised meth lab. "The smell of chemicals was very apparent."
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    Controversial opinion: Skylanders, which is a spin-off of Spyro, is a great kids game series and the toys themselves are pretty cool. I definitely would've like this stuff as a kid. And not just because I have such a boner for Toys for Bob.
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    Mother Fucking Master CHIEF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thebore? eew, looks like a cuck filled minge pit
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    I clicked on the spoiler expecting to see something along the lines of "To our lord and savior Jesus Christ".
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    Time to get addicted again.
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    Most of the fast food I get here is local, but I do enjoy Arby's, Hardee's, PepperJax, Culver's, and Jet's Pizza occasionally.
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    Hate speech is perfectly acceptable in the US. Just as long as it's directed at straight white males.
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    Psh, Microsoft programmers run ON Windowstm not INTO them. Apple nerds = served
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    Looks pretty cool, though. And let's be honest....a lot of programming nerds are so scatter brained and distracted that they will run into solid concrete walls all the time.
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    Can't believe Trump called the kid a hero. Wtf. Is he really going to pardon him when he's convicted?
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    I'm still un-decided on whether stricter gun controls would have any effect. I do know that the arguments I've heard against it seem a lot more rational and logic based and the arguments for have a lot of appeal to emotion, think of the children nonsense. That's my experience anyway. I think unless the restrictions were china levels of strict, that is, taking everyone's guns and just fucking destroying them like what China has done with motorcycles in some cities, it wouldn't work and that's obviously not going to happen. You can still kill a lot of people with just a couple of hand guns. I really don't see it making much of a difference. Even if the gun laws in Australia have worked it doesn't mean they will in America with it's different culture. Aren't Canadians similarly into guns with only slightly more restrictions to what most states in America have? They don't seem to have the same occurrence of school shootings like America does.
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    He doesn't fuck around Couldn't have said it any better No it's legendary trash food
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    There was a point in my life when I thought actual gay sex via a porno site was the gayest thing I would ever see. I was wrong.
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    An indie hipster cinematic SJW non-game. Sounds perfect for PC and mobile.
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    I keep saying he should've just pulled a Jaromir Jagr and say "yeah I fucked her, drink piss nerds."
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    You're falling into their false narrative of associating anyone who trolled or pulled off bad behavior as a Gamergater. Gamergate as a movement is completely divorced from any individual bad behavior. And for the sake of argument, nobody who was prominent in the GG movement has ever been caught doing anything immoral or illegal involving or around GG. Conversely one of the main groups against GG was Zoe Quinn's Crash Override Network, and they were caught red handed conspiring plots in their IRC channel to sabotage events, dox Gamergaters, regularly harass Gamergaters, get Gamergaters fired from their jobs, lie and cover up involvement of anti-GGers who were involved in sexual harassment, etc. See, what you need to realize is whatever these types of people accuse you of doing, they are doing themselves times a thousand.
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    Fuck soup... You got it man!!!
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    Forum Lore: Status is Halo, Halo is life, Halo is love, Status does it for Master Chief, it's all oger now.
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    Seriously, what is Status' addiction that keeps him coming back to rehab?
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